Wednesday, August 8, 2012

June Recap (mostly in pictures)

 I started June with an adventure. I wanted to run from Smithfield canyon to Tony Grove but got distracted and ended up on the highest point in the Bear River range; Mt. Naomi. There was still some snow up high but not too bad. I just kept running from ridge to ridge. Read my dailymile post if you want.

My original high point goal before I got distracted.
The ridge toward Mt Naomi

The view from the top (just under 10,000 feet)

Apparently there used to be a post on the top

 Then I went to the Boston area for a while. Here's a few pics from the trip.

Another highlight of June was taking my wife and son on a hike up to the Windcave in Logan canyon.


 Then I helped out at Scout camp. They needed to do a 5 mile hike so I ran up the trail to give them an idea of where to turn around.

 I finished up the month with the Logan Peak Trail Run. Supposedly 28 miles with 7200' vert. I think the distance was a little short but the elevation seemed pretty accurate. I beat my time from 2 years ago by almost 45 minutes finishing in 5:47. Not many pics. 

I felt strong at the top but on the long grind back around to the front of the mountain I hit a low and also fell once. Overall it was a bunch of joyful suffering with a period of not-so-joyful suffering. Here is my DM post.

Generally a pretty good June I think.

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