Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photo recap of the last 2 weeks

I went to Southern California for business, took the fam, and took some personal time before and after. Here is the recap... mostly in pictures.

Saturday, April 21st:

After the 1/2 Marathon we drove to Las Vegas

Aquarium at Caesar's Palace

The Bellagio

My son watching the fountains

Volcano at The Mirage

Pirate ship at Treasure Island
 Sunday April 22

We stayed the night at my wife's uncle's place in Vegas. In the morning we got up and drove to California.
The view from my wife's uncle's place
 We went to California adventure in the afternoon.
Dillan had a lot of fun in the lines.

With cousin Gillian

Sunday night we stayed at a hotel across the street from the park.
Monday April 23, I got up and ran around Disneyland (about 4 miles) and felt rejuvenated and ready to hit Disneyland with the fam.
Trying to pull the sword out of the stone.

Woody was one of the highlights.

The Monte Cristo at Cafe Orleans. It is basically a doughnut with ham and cheese inside. It was even a bit much for me. But very delicious.
 After Disneyland we went back to Oceanside to stay at my sister in law's house. She lives about a mile from the beach. So wednesday morning I got up and ran to the beach barefoot. I carried my VFFs just in case but didn't need them. It was a blast to run along the beach at the edge of the water.

 Tuesday evening I drove up to Ontario, CA for business (Wed-Sat). I didn't run Wednesday morning. Thursday morning I got up and ran in the rain and had a blast. Thursday night I did some scouting for trails and thought I found one. I came back Friday morning and tried to run it but it led to what seemed to be either a homeless camp or a bmx project. The trail didn't lead far so I turned around and followed a dirt road uphill.
Homeless camp or makeshift bmx park?

Dirt road to the clouds
 The run friday morning was not very satisfying so I did some research and discovered the Potato mountain was not far away. So Saturday morning I got up extra early to go run it before I had to present some training.
Heading up Potato Mountain

Potato Mountain Summit
 At the top I ran into a group of runners. The Daybreakers. There were 4 of them and one of them ran with me back down and up Potato mountain. A cool guy. He took a pic when we got back to the top.
Potato Mountain Summit #2
 After training Saturday, I drove back to Oceanside where I had left my wife and son. After dinner we went out on the pier with Gillian for shakes as the sun was setting. It was a little cool but very beautiful.

Sunday I rested and hung out with the family.

Monday morning I took my recently purchased Trail Gloves for their first run. I ran to a bike path and then along the beach before heading back to my sister in law's house.

Ran in the trail gloves again on Tuesday. I tried to stay on the dirt on the side of the trail as much as possible.

After the run we packed up and started driving home. We stopped to see the Calico ghost town.

We toured part of a mine and they had these dummies from the 70's

In the mine
 We got to tour a house that was built on an angle. We took some cool pics that look like we're leaning over. It was actually the building that was at an angle.

 We stopped in Vegas again on the way home.
Dillan eating a slice of pizza at Nathan's in New York New York

Had to see the fountains again

 Now that I'm back in Utah I had to hit up a mountain that I recently discovered; Saddleback Mountain. It was overcast yesterday and I decided to go for it anyway. I think I covered the story fairly well on my dailymile post so I'll just share the pictures.
To show how steep it was this is looking across the mountain directly to my left as I went up.

A campsite on short saddle. One of the brief runnable parts

Anyone know what these giant panels are for?

I have no idea what all these bricks are for.

The pile of rocks marks the summit at about 7500'

Me at the top

Coming back down out of the clouds

I don't think these pictures do justice to how steep this is.